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Become Jewish from anywhere in the world, with your own personal Rabbi

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“In Jewish Law – Anyone who accepts Judaism by choice, can and will be accepted into the Jewish community.”

About Us

Since the beginning of 2017, we have received thousands of Emails from people all over the
world. All seeking the same goal: To be part of the Jewish faith. Rabbi Marc Rubenstein’s
online Jewish learning and conversion program has met the high demand of people without a
local Jewish community, and we plan on having over one hundred graduates become Jewish this
year alone.

The concept of online Jewish learning was brought to life back in 2015 when a 12-year-old boy
named Jacob wanted bar mitzvah training with Rabbi Marc. He had been studying with Rabbi
Marc since he was 4 years old, but his family was moving to New York.

Meeting with Rabbi Marc weekly was just not possible being that Rabbi Marc lives in California.
Instead of finding another Rabbi, Jacob suggested Skype meetings, or online sermons to prepare
him for the big day.

After performing his bar mitzvah at Yankee stadium in 2014, Rabbi Marc decided to listen to his
experience, and developed an online Jewish learning program that would eventually reach people
worldwide. The thought was “If Jacob could do, so could everyone else.” Said Rabbi Marc.
Today, converting to Judaism online has become entirely possible. We live in a digital age, and
online Jewish learning has become as common as taking online courses at any major university.
We are happy to say that all of our converts, are now all official members of their Jewish

The response to our online conversion program has been overwhelming. It is a fact that most
who are interested in converting to Judaism, have been thinking about it for many years. Some
don’t have access to a Jewish community where they live or work, and some just don’t have the
time in their busy schedule to attend classes at the local university. We give those without a
Jewish community the opportunity to live their dream. There is finally a place for them to go
where they will be accepted, and the best part is: They can do it from home.

We are happy to say that the current students enrolled in our program are very diverse coming
from all different races and backgrounds. We currently have over fifty international students,
and plan to convert all of them by the end of next year.

We treat all our students as official members of our Jewish community. Please let us know if
there is anything we can do for you spiritually. We look forward to hearing from you, and
welcoming you to the Jewish faith.

Our Services

Convert to Judaism from anywhere in the world. At your own pace. With your personal Rabbi.
Reform Conversion
Conservative Conversion
Independent Online Study
Rabbi Guided Option

Reform vs. Conservative Judaism


  • Basic Understanding of Judaism
  • Modern Interpretation of Jewish Law
  • You & Your Children Will Be Jewish (women)
  • Easier Final Exam
  • Study At Your Own Pace
  • Convert From Anywhere in the World
  • Certified by the Central Conference of American Rabbis


  • Advanced Understanding of Judaism
  • Follows Strict Jewish Law (Shabbat, Holidays, Kosher)
  • Celebrate Shabbat & Jewish Holidays
  • You & Your Children Will Be Jewish (women)
  • More Traditional Final Exam
  • Study At Your Own Pace
  • Convert From Anywhere in the World







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Family owned and operated, our family is dedicated to helping yours.
Rabbi Marc Rubenstein Rabbi Marc Rubenstein
Rebecca Raffle Director of Marketing
Sophie Ouk Director of Operations

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