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Rabbi Marc Rubenstein

Become Jewish from anywhere in the world, with your own personal Rabbi

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein

Over 40 years of conversion experience

A Hebrew scholar, Rabbi Marc Rubenstein studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Religion & History Studies from American University in Washington, D.C. His rabbinical training was conducted at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York. He then achieved a master’s degree in Jewish History from New York University.

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein has over 40 years of experience converting people from every background and religion to the Jewish faith. Whether you are converting for marriage or personal reasons, Rabbi Marc develops a personalized path and timeline that is right for you.

What makes Rabbi Marc’s program different? Unlike other Rabbis, who convert individuals in a synagogue, Rabbi Marc is accredited by the American Jewish University. This certification prevents anyone from ever questioning the Jewish lineage and legacy of your children.

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein is a community leader, interfaith pioneer and Jewish educator who built and stays connected with his widespread rabbinate through both conventional and unconventional methods – in the shul, in one-on-one classes and in the mobile/social/internet world. Each year he inspires a multitude of often unaffiliated or independent Jews and interfaith families, along with members of the LGBT community – planting and spreading seeds of Jewish wisdom. As the rabbi of independent congregation Temple Isaiah of Newport Beach, CA for more than 25 years, he served his congregants with magnetism and passion. Beyond the temple, Rabbi Marc is a fervent teacher of personalized conversion and bat/bar mitzvah classes, trusted counselor and mentor, and officiant at hundreds of bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and other lifecycle events to those in Southern California and beyond. Using today’s technology, he maintains ongoing relationships with his rabbinate by sharing his Jewish insights via emails, mobile messages and social media. His messages strive to support the lifestyles of today’s “orphaned” Jews and interfaith families who crave the rabbi’s both spiritual and practical perspective.

What differentiates the rabbi from many other independent rabbis is this lifelong connection to his students and rabbinate. From counseling couples he married years before, to providing guidance on raising children in an interfaith or LGBT home, to guiding teens in their post-bat/bar mitzvah years, Rabbi Marc is not just a one-time officiant or tutor, but a mentor for life. He has served as an advocate for children in several difficult family situations, putting the child first while navigating challenging circumstances. For those seeking to adopt the Jewish faith, he offers one-on-one in-person guidance plus the widely recognized American Jewish University certification.
Rabbi Marc’s accomplishments, experience and contributions to the Jewish community are diverse. He has been the guiding force of Temple Isaiah, which he ensures provides a friendly, modern, inclusive, and accepting environment for its members and guests. He has served as a Chaplain at Hoag Hospital and the Official Rabbi at Disneyland. In addition, he was the Resource Rabbi at the largest Jewish day school on the west coast, Tarbut V’Torah in Irvine, CA, and author of a Jewish children’s book, The Kingdom of Onion. The rabbi has officiated at life events for Hollywood celebrities, moguls and dignitaries, as well as those struggling financially or emotionally. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to grow their connection to Judaism.

An expert on Jewish history and the changing needs of today’s Jewish and interfaith families, Rabbi Marc provides many ways for his rabbinate to express and learn about Judaism and celebrate life. His charismatic style in officiating events or providing private, one-on-one Jewish history and Hebrew teaching is often described as highly personalized, inspiring and geared specifically to the evolving Jew of today. The rabbi understands that nearly 80 percent of Jews consider themselves unaffiliated, requiring the modern rabbi to meet the needs of the Jew of tomorrow.

Also a Hebrew scholar, Rabbi Rubenstein studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Religion and History Studies from American University in Washington, D.C. His rabbinical training was conducted at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York. He achieved a masters’ degree in Jewish History from New York University.
Known for his Jewish and Interfaith activism, he is a popular public speaker and for many interfaith programs, special events and political gatherings in the Jewish and broader communities. Rabbi Marc has been a weekly contributor to local publications and featured in various media outlets such as The Jewish Journal for his honest perspective on keeping Judaism alive. He is a past president of the Interfaith Council of Orange County and has taught the principles of Judaism at churches and mosques to spread mutual respect and understanding.

Father of three grown children and soon to be a grandfather, Rabbi Marc lives among the wineries in Temecula, CA, with his wife, Margery. Drawn to the viticulture of the region, the rabbi is fascinated with the historical links between wine and the Jewish people. When not raising his glass to celebrate a life event with his rabbinate, he spends his free time with family, golfing, sailing, or cruising around the globe.

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