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What Our Students Are Saying About Us


  • At any phase of life, considering conversion to Judaism requires much soul searching and flexibility of lifestyle. My decision was soul and spirit-driven and at 66 years old perhaps it was not difficult because I’m on “this” side of fewer birthdays in the future.  Since my city has few Jewish resources for learning I went online to look for courses there.  That is where I found Rabbi Marc my life began a new phase of lifestyle, education, and eating habits.   Fear and self-doubt initially melted into excitement and yearning for more information!   – Sherry Phillips
  • I have wanted to convert to Judaism for as long as I can remember, but never had the guts to walk into the synagogue down the street. I am now 40 years old and feel like I am just starting my life.  I can’t believe I can finally say that I am a member of the Jewish community.  Thank you Rabbi Marc!  You are truly a Rabbi to the stars! – Tiffany Santero.
  • Rabbi Marc was professional, patient, and inspiring. Last week,  he helped me apply for my birthright trip to Israel.  I am 21 years old and proud to be Jewish.  I am very lucky to get this experience.  Thank you so much.  You have changed my life forever! – Byron Smith
  • Rabbi Marc and I spoke on the phone every week and spiritual counsel was always available no matter how many questions I presented. He would always listen with patience and compassion for my ignorance and encourage me to remember that Judaism is about LOVE.  Thank you Rabbi Marc for guiding me through the journey. – Sherry Phillips
  • Being a Hispanic woman who was at first hesitant to apply for conversion.  Rabbi Marc assured me that all who accept Judaism in their hearts will be accepted into the Jewish faith.  I didn’t expect to be so accepted, and treated as a true member of the Jewish community from the start.  I would highly encourage everyone who is struggling to find acceptance to extend their hands and let Rabbi Marc Rubenstein show the way.  Much love – Felicia Ramirez.
  • Like a Rabbi in your pocket.  I can rely on him every day.  I have Rabbi Marc on speed dial in my phone, and he picks up every time I call.  He responds to every email within the hour.  Thanks Rabbi Marc, I know we will continue to chat weekly.  – John Antonio.