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Common Questions & Answers about our program.

Common Questions & Answers about our program.

Common Questions & Answers about our program.

Hello Dear Student,

My name is Sophie Ouk, and it is my honor to welcome you to Rabbi Marc Rubenstein’s online Jewish learning, and converting to Judaism program.  For those of you who don’t know me, I have been Rabbi Marc’s personal assistant for many years and I am in charge of everything online related.  This includes everything related to our website, the online course, and even financial issues.I am here to assist you in any way that I can as you embark on your journey towards being accepted into the Jewish faith.  If at any point during the online course, you need my assistance – Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an Email.  You can reach me at:  MakeMeJewish@gmail.com

I will do my best to get back to you right away, and answer any questions you might have regarding the program.

We have been open for business since the beginning of 2017.  Since then, we are quickly approaching two hundred students, and have had over one hundred of those students graduate this year alone.  It has been a pleasure meeting so many different people of all ages and backgrounds, and we can’t wait to see what the future has to offer. Since the beginning, we have been pleased to have changed so many lives.  Every day, we wake up to Emails from people all over the world who share the same goal.   To be part of the Jewish faith.

Rabbi Marc and I would like you to know that we are dedicated to making this process as comfortable for you as possible.  Therefor, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some common questions and answers that other students have had along the way.  Please take some time to listen and read the following information for it will help you better understand how our conversion program works.  I look forward to working with you, and welcoming you to the Jewish faith!

Common Questions & Answers

Question #1:  Is there a time limit to complete the online course?

We get this question probably every day, and the answer is absolutely NOT.  There is no time limit at all.   This course was designed for those who don’t have the time to participate in a Jewish community.  It is not only 100 percent online, but also 100 percent “study at your own pace!”  The material presented in this course was meant to be studied, and nobody can put a time limit on that.  I would also highly recommend reading, and studying the books mentioned in this course.  Everybody is different, and absorbs material differently.

Take your time.  It will be worth it when you take the final exam.


Question #2: How soon can I convert after taking this course?

It is understandable, that some of you have been studying Judaism for years.  Even before you enrolled in this program.  Many of you have also been living a Jewish lifestyle your entire lives, or for a significant amount of time.  You know almost everything you need to know about Judaism, and you even keep a kosher home.  In these cases, the minimum amount of time to schedule your final exam with Rabbi Marc is 90 days (3 months) from your enrollment date.   Please remember that we currently have a lot of students, and Rabbi Marc is very busy every day.  We have quite a few on the waiting list to take the exam.  Upon request, I can send you an Email notifying you when you are eligible to take the final exam.  Just let me know.


Question #3: What is the final exam exactly?

The final exam will be a phone call, scheduled only when you feel you are ready.  The final exam is the same process for all, however a different type of exam for those who signed up for Reform vs Conservative.  The best way for me to describe this is as follows:

– The Reform exam is more of a phone interview with Rabbi Marc and 2 other Rabbi’s.

– The Conservative Exam will be more of a test, and much more difficult.

Please do not feel intimidated by this exam.  All Rabbi’s who participate on this phone call are very friendly.  You can also take the exam time and time again if you fail on the first attempt.


Question #4: Do I have to travel to California to meet with Rabbi Marc?

No.  We only encourage students to travel to California to meet Rabbi Marc, but this is certainly not a requirement.  Some just don’t have the ability to travel to California due to financial or other limitations.  Rabbi Marc does travel all over the United States throughout the year on other business, and has already met many of his students face to face.  Please contact us if you would like to meet Rabbi Marc, and we will do our best to arrange a meet and greet when he is in your area.  If you do not want to meet with Rabbi Marc, let us know and we will proceed to inform you of other arrangements to finalize your conversion.


Question #5:  How do I get Scheduled weekly phone calls with Rabbi Marc?

If scheduled weekly phone calls are part of your package, please shoot me an Email, and let me know a good day and time during the week you’re available.   Please note:  Time slots are becoming limited so this will have to be on a first come/first serve basis.  We are asking all of our students to initiate all phone calls due to the high amount of students calling in each day.  For example, if your phone call is scheduled for Tuesday @ 1:00 PM, we ask that you remind me or Rabbi Marc ahead of time (hopefully 24 hours in advance).  This will help remind us of your phone call.


Question #6:  Can I pay off my remaining balance early?

This question is for those of you making monthly payments. You are welcome to pay off your remaining balance at any time.  All you have to do is contact me, and we can make arrangements.  Please note:  Paying off your remaining balance will not speed up your final exam date.  Your exam will still have to be scheduled after the 90 day period (3 months).


Question #7:  Can I take my final exam before I pay my remaining balance?

We have had many students pass their final exam, and then become aware that they still have a remaining balance.  In this case, the process is very simple:   If you still have a remaining balance, and pass your final exam.  We hold your certificate of acceptance into the Jewish faith safe and secure in our office until your balance is paid in full.  After your balance is paid in full, your certificate will be mailed to you instantly.


Question #8:  What if I signed up for reform, but now I want conservative?

We have had many students start off with Reform, and then change their minds and decided that they are now interested in a Conservative conversion.  This is not a problem at all.  If you find that you want to change your package from Reform to Conservative, shoot me an Email, and I will simply assist you with the upgrade.  This upgrade will include more studying, and scheduled weekly phone calls with Rabbi Marc.


Question #9:  Do I have to learn Hebrew to fully convert to Judaism?

According to Rabbi Marc – Absolutely not.  Although it does help to learn the meaning of the prayers you’ve been reciting in the Synagogue, a Jewish home, or during the Jewish holidays.  In order to convert to Judaism, you do not need to know any Hebrew at this time, and it will not be on the final exam.


I hope this common questions and answers section was beneficial to you.  As you embark on this journey, it is important to refer back to this section from time to time.  I will do my best to add more questions and answers to this section as they come in more frequently.

If there is something I missed here, please feel free to contact me at any time.  I can assure you that I will go out of my way for you, and try to get back to you right away.  Even on the weekends.

Again, I can be reached at.    MakeMeJewish@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time!

– Sophie

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